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Unser Team

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Teresa Inclán
Facilitatorin und Beraterin für Organisationsentwicklung


Geschäftsführung, Prozessbegegleitung, Moderation, Organisationsberatung, Projektdurchführung, Nachhaltige Entwicklung



Anna Kleiner
Beraterin und Referentin für Nachhaltigkeit


Strategieberatung, Projektdurchführung, Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Kommunaler Klimaschutz



Kurhula Mhlaba
Research Associate
German Chancellor Fellow


Forschung, Projektdurchführung, Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Geschlechtergerechtigkeit


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Anton Mikoleit
Facilitator und Berater für Organisationsentwicklung


Geschäftsführung, Prozessbegleitung, Moderation, Organisationsberatung, Projektdurchführung, Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Kommunaler Klimaschutz



Dipl. Ing. Nicola Richter
Senior Consult kommunaler Klimaschutz


Strategieberatung, Energiemanagement Liegenschaften, Energiecontrolling, Fördermittelberatung, Kommunales Klimaschutzmanagement



By adopting a facilitative attitude in our work and an appreciative cooperation with our clients, we aim to facilitate change and transformation. With a focus on topics of sustainable development, we come in as facilitators, moderators, trainers or consultants, thus able to respond to the most diverse demands of our clients.

Through our work we create a space in which groups can work together in the best possible way. Through a perfect working environment and selected methods used, we enable self-organisation of groups. In doing so, we strengthen the participation of all participants. Hidden knowledge and different basic assumptions can become visible. We are convinced that diversity produces creative solutions.

Teresa Inclán Garcia

I studied "Media and Cultural Studies" (B.A.) as well as the international and interdisciplinary Master "Sustainability, Society and the Environment" (M.Sc.). Before and during my studies I lived for several months in Argentina, Costa Rica and Denmark. 

My thematic focuses are education for sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. 

In 2018/2019 I completed a further education as a facilitator at the Facilitation Academy in Berlin. Since 2016 I am active in the "Art of Hosting and Harvesting" community.

Anton Mikoleit

Since 2015 I have been working as a freelancer in the field of workshop moderation, project implementation and consultancy. The educational foundation of my work lies in my Bachelor Water Resource Management (B.Sc.) and Master "Environmenatel Management" (M.Sc.), experience abroad and work experience gained during the last years.

My work as a facilitator is

based on the knowledge and experience I gained through the Facilitation Academy in Berlin, Germany.

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